Migration Services
Migration Services

Fluide makes it easy to migrate your business to the cloud

Migration, whether it’s to Office 365, Azure or another cloud application, is no walk in the park. It’s complex. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be.
Before we venture forward, we’ll understand your business needs, analyse your current IT infrastructure and help you determine your destination. With this discovery in mind, we’ll lead you through the whole process. And when you arrive, we’ll even review the experience, adjusting accordingly.

To build the future, however, we must first understand the present. We’ll diagnose your existing IT to ensure it’s ready for the cloud. Migrating without preparation is like flying a plane with low fuel – you will crash, it’s just a matter of when.


Now we know your requirements, we’ll deliver a tailored proposal. This outlines the full solution we believe to be the best fit for your business.

First, we’ll bring you up-to-speed with our recommendations. They’re all advisory; nothing is set in stone at this stage.

Once we agree your migration solution, we’ll send you a Scope of Work (SoW) document. This sets out the project financials and gives you exact details of the work to be completed.


At this stage, we’ll collaborate with you to agree deployment timescales, and we’ll try to avoid any breaks in your business continuity.

We’ll then give you a comprehensive plan of what will happen with associated timescales. Transparency is everything.


To migrate efficiently, we must prepare your new cloud solution. Depending on your decisions, there may be design and configuration work involved.

For example, we may need to arrange for superfast broadband or new handsets for business VoIP telephony if you’re migrating to Office 365.

We’ll have asked you in advance for any details necessary to complete this stage.


Stage five is the go-live.This stage will likely involve multiple steps depending on your cloud migration solution.

For example, we may need to migrate your data to the new service or fit new onsite equipment.Whatever your requirements, we’ll meet them.

Your cloud solution will be efficiently functioning by the end of this stage.


To help you and your team make the most of your new cloud services, we provide a wide range of training options tailored to your solution.

Delivered online or in person, we can train administrators, internal training staff and even end users.

We also deliver a ‘walk-around’ service, where we come to your offices to deal with any queries that may arise.


Here, we’ll review the whole migration process and make sure you’re happy with what we’ve done.

No business is an island. We’re in this together. This is your chance to offer feedback on your experience and clarify the value you should see for your business.

Got a migration project in mind? Let’s talk it through.


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